Wood Carvings

Teraphim Series 1: Cat/Bird Shapeshifter

Cat/bird Shapeshifter, Teraphim Carving Series 1
Look closely, is it a cat…or a bird? This nature spirit represents one of the many ways in which the natural world demands respect. Neither benevolent nor protective, nature can fool us into thinking she is both. White pine, painted with natural pigments. 10×11”.
$60 + $10 S&H                            
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Eagle carving

Desert Eagle   SOLD                      Nesher, the Eagle, is one representation of the Shekhinah who protects Her people and carries them away from harm. Use Her on your altar or over your door to protect the space. Handcarved in weathered Basswood. 00×00″                       $40 + $10 S&H

Laughing Tree Spirit

Laughing Nature Spirit, Teraphim Carving Series 1
A branch of red cedar from my own Land, lovingly carved to represent one of the Ilanim. Somewhat uncanny and wild, he may have been a human of the ancestral land long, long ago. Suitable for ritual use by people who are close to trees and wild nature. 5×3”
$80 + $10 S&H

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