Lot Sets

Lot casting is one of the most ancient forms of divination we have a record of in the Primitive Hebrew Tradition.They can be also used for meditation and spiritual healing.

Their use is ritual.  

We have a book to teach their use, and seminars on the topic. (See the book section of the Shouk)

 Our lots are made in Spirit, on the dark or the new moon. The bags they come in are ritually matched to the content.

There are 22 letters, hence 22 lots; and Eli Sheva hand-carves them on glass or stone, or terracotta as well as on some of the sacred woods like cedar and juniper and oak, which are ritually cut to make the lots.

Lots sell faster than we can make them, so please contact us to inquire about availability and prices. Below are lots from cedar, terracotta shards, rose glass and river stones. 

Prices range from $50 (your lots in a small cloth bag) to $120 (your lots in a bag, + casting cloth, + a large bag to store it all in). 

Mail check  to our POB or PayPal to elisheva@primitivehebrews.org.Pls specify what item your payment is for

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Shophet is a Seer-which includes casting lots- and both teaches lot casting and performs Lot casting as a public ritual at events. Contact us for personal lot casting sessions.