Event Calendar: 2018

Elisheva will be at the COnVOcation Festival and at the Pantheacon Festival in February this year.  Hope to see some of you there!

Our RItual event calendar for 2018

All our ritual meetings come with a potluck either before or after the ritual, just so you know…

TU BE SHEVAT 2018,( the 15th of Shevat)  will be celebrated on january 27 2018 at 2 pm 

Seedling will be planted and songs sung for the Goddess of trees.     

PURIM 2018:    We have changed the date to march 3 at 5:30 pm. Over  a  potluck  dinner we will read the story of Esther explaining to young  ones  how we read it in the AMHA way. LIttle ones are most welcome…Costumes too... It will be great funl  

PESACH 2018  On Saturday  March 31  at 6:00 pm we will celebrate the Seder ha Shevatim, our AMHA traditional ritual. Having little ones to read the appropriate parts would be especially rewarding.

MARZEACH: honoring and feeding our ancestors 

This year 2018 the Ancestor Remembrance is now set for Saturday September 15th  (the silent dinner ) at 6:00 pm. As at all the Festivals   it will be a potluck.  

Sunday September 16  will be the Main (outdoor) ritual starting around 2:30 pm. Out of towners let us know if you are coming so we can arrange accommodations. 

SUKKOTH 2018 will be Saturday  Sept 29 2018  at 5 pm, bring food and be ready for sharing stories!

HANUKAH: This year we will have our first official(!) joint lighting of the candles for Hanukah. This will be December 1 at 5 pm. We  will share food and tell the HAnukah story, as is our tradition.

Join us to celebrate!

Shalom to all!