Event Calendar: 2017


Apologies to all. We had some software glitches and were unable to publish anything on this site until today. My thanks to Barak Ben Dan for having done the necessary first aid...

 Please note: This is an updated calendar.  We have had to change some of the earlier published dates.  We try, usually succesfully, not to have to change our event dates, but sometimes life takes over….So if an event date is far off, make sure to check  for changes

To recap our festival year so far: Tu Be Shevat 2017,( the 15th of Shevat) was Sat February 11, 3 pm:

Seedling were planted and songs sung for the Goddess of trees. We had a great, small, gathering. A new member was adopted into the tribe of Levi. 

PURIM 2017:   was moved to Saturday march 18 at 6 pm. We  had a potluck  and read the story of Esther explaining to young  ones  how we read it in the AMHA way. Some people came with lovely costumes, it was great funl  

PESACH 2017 had to be moved to Wednesday  April 12 at 5 pm.  We had our first “ official” reading  to a minyan in the USA of the Seder ha Shevatim, our AMHA traditional ritual. (privately this has been going on for a lot longer of course) Having little ones to read the appropriate parts was especially rewarding.

Still to come: 

Sukkoth 2017 will be Saturday October 7, 2017 at 5 pm, bring food and be ready for sharing stories!

MARZEACH:honoring and feeding our ancestors 

This year the Ancestor Remembrance had to be moved because EliSheva has to have some surgery. So it is now set for Saturday September 30 (the silent dinner ) at 6:30 pm. As at all the Festivals where we share meals, it will be a potluck.  Sunday October 1 will be the Main (outdoor) ritual starting around 2:30 pm. Out of towners let us know if you are coming so we can arrange accommodations. 

Shalom to all!